“What If One Of The Marketing ‘Gurus’ Handed You His Exact Business Model And Gave You The Tools To Make It Work For You?…And What If He Allowed You To ‘Rip Him Off’ By Getting It For Free To Learn About It? Read On…”

So Who Am I And What This Is All About…


I’m Serene Chen and I’m a 27 year old Internet Marketer from Singapore. I believe in Financial Freedom and it can only be achieved when you create wealth from everywhere around you, and give to the people around you. And I also believe you must, you MUST create multiple streams of income if you want to succeed. You cannot depend on ONE job, ONE stream, ONE dream. Diversifying is the key.

For me, one of those streams, and a very significant one as of late has been through Matt Lloyd’s License Rights Program. You can register to watch a live webinar by Matt where he explains the License Rights Program a little better by clicking here. Matt Lloyd is a 25 year old Marketer from Australia, who has created his own internet business empire through his training and coaching programs.

This program has made me REAL money, because I put REAL work into it. And it paid off :) . And I can guarantee you that, if you work hard, you will get results, too.

I don’t have time to do this full time as I have other business ventures going on. And they aren’t online businesses. So, I am a complete noob when I started out in this business. So many things to learn, so many things to do. I just didn’t know where and how to start! But luckily, Matt’s License Rights Program has helped me a lot. Currently, I am doing this part time. And I don’t have a list at all until I joined Matt’s License Rights Program. So you don’t need a list to start earning money. You can watch the testimonial videos of the licensees here. So young, some old.. but mostly, complete newbie like you and me when we first started.

Matt details his entire business model, and how you can benefit from it by being a License Partner, in a Handbook called ‘Internet Marketing Revolution‘ a $39.95 dollar ebook where Matt explains how he grew his business from a hobby, to $150,000 dollars per month in less than two years. He also explains how the License Rights Program can make you thousands of dollars per month. When you become a License Partner, you aren’t just a regular affiliate. The value here, is that you also get commissions on the back end. And on the front end, you get 90% commissions. Nobody else is offering this much value to their partners, for such a small investment.


Or, You can learn all about Matt’s business model by downloading this Handbook for free (worth $39.95)


So, why should I become a License Partner? Why are you offering over $2,250 in free bonuses?

Of course you’re asking yourself these questions! I would too! Let me explain.

If you’re like me, then you probably don’t have time to create your own training programs to sell online. You either have a job, a family, or another business that takes a lot of your time. It takes at least 6 months, and then you need another 3 to 6 months of testing to launch a product. Plus, you’d have to invest a lot in marketing your products if you’re not already known in the Internet Marketing World. And you wouldn’t even know what the results would be!

When you license Matt’s Products, you get 90% commissions on the front end, plus you get commissions on the back end!

Matt’s business model is already proven and tested. His sales funnels convert very well. Matt recently spoke at an event in the United States, hosted by Jonathan Budd. At this event, he lifted the bonnet of his entire business. And he revealed that he wants his business to reach $20,000,000 dollars in revenue by the end of 2013. So there is no better time to join him as a partner.You can watch the full 75 minute presentation right here.

The ebook is now going for free (it costed me $39.95 to purchase it the last time) because Matt wants reach as many people as possible, in order to get his business model out there to the world and grow his company to US$20 million! He’s ambitious, and I like that. Plus, if you think the ebook is valuable and is worth more than just free (the original price is $39.95) you will get an email asking if you’re willing to pay more. If you don’t want to, you don’t pay more. It’s that simple. This guy here, thought it was worth a lot more…

Facebook comments_Charles Kirkland

Need More Reasons?

In Matt’s Words, at the very beginning of the ebook…

In this book, I’m going to reveal to you the biggest misconception of the Internet marketing industry… that only 3% (the top earners) know about.

I’m going to give you the 4 main leverage points that transformed my business into a multiple six figure income source, in less than 3 months.

You’ll discover the single reason why you’re not making as much money as you’d like in your business…And, I’ll reveal the exact business model I’m using which is generating over $80,000.00 in cash each month…and how YOU can cash in on it too!  
This handbook is for you if you want to make more money in as little time as possible, have a life and still earn money, WITHOUT the stress and trauma of going it alone. So let’s dive right in…

And what’s in it for you, Serene?

My reason why I’m doing this is that Matt loves putting together Partners’ contests. It’s the best way to maximize results for his business, and motivate his Partners to promote his products. So, naturally, as a License Partner, I want to win his latest competition, as he has put together some pretty cool prizes. That is why I’m working so hard and that’s why you have arrived at this page. And I want to earn your trust and your business, hence, the Big Bonus;) . When you become a Partner, you can also participate in his competitions, I’m sure it will be the fastest way to get you up and running.

 *And remember, the product will be the same price, same product, whether you buy it here or somewhere else. This Awesome bonus I’ve put together is what makes the difference! 

Ok Serene, This is it! I want to get to know Matt’s Business Model, and I want to become a License Partner. I’m tired of struggling and I don’t want to do this alone.  But, what do I get when I do? What’s in it for me?

Well my friend, below is the interesting part. All you have to do is click on the Big Yellow Button here below, which will take you to the Order Page for Matt’s License Rights program.

large-getaccessnowIf you are skeptical like me when I first learnt about Matt Lloyd and his License Rights Program, get a first hand taste of what Matt’s License program and business model is all about by click this red button instead.

Download IM Rev


I am offering this book to you for free. You may not get the same “price” outside. So don’t waste this opportunity. You have no loss. Once in there, scroll down and look for the Download Button that looks like this. Then, simply DOWNLOAD IT! And come back here to claim what’s rightfully yours my friend… Keep on reading below!

And Now… The Bonuses!

BONUS #1: For All People Who Download IM Revolution from This Page:


1)Free 30 Minute Facebook or Skype Message With Serene Chen (worth $97)

In this exploratory chat, you will have 30 minutes of my undivided attention where we will go through your current situation and evaluate what’s the best route for you to start generating an income on the internet. You will also be able to ask me any questions about the I.M. Revolution or the License Rights Program.


BONUS #2: For People Who Join Matt Lloyd’s License Rights Program From This Page


Fast Action Bonus! For the first 10 people who choose to pay up front (no monthly payment plans) when joining the License Rights Program, this cool baby will be yours:


Brand New 16GB Ipad Mini (worth $329)

This Ipad Mini will be yours for free if you become a License Rights Partner with Matt Lloyd through me, after you get the IM Revolution Ebook. Pretty cool, huh?

Now you can take your iPad anywhere with this beautiful device. Store all your marketing training in here and work on the go. A must for any marketer.

Think This Is All? The First Ten People Will Also Get:

BONUS #3: Pinterest Automation Software and Training Videos (worth $997)

28.1% of Pinterest users have an income of $100,000 or more, the average time a user spends on Pinterest is at least 16 minutes and it gets on average 1.3 million unique visits per day! Those stats are amazing. They are mature, and have money to spend. Using this software, you can automate the whole process to easily generate tons of FREE traffic for yourself.

BONUS #4: Master List Building Blueprint Videos Training (worth $297)


Watch the exact blueprint for building an enormous list of hungry buyers right before your eyes and how you can get all the right tools and strategies to build your own responsive list too.



BONUS #5: 2 x 30 min 1-to-1 live strategy calls on Skype (worth $398)

You will receive 2 (30min) coaching strategy calls from myself ON TOP of the 3 coaching calls from Matt’s Team. With these calls, we can learn how to best get started and get to earn your first dollar right away!

BONUS #6: Blog set up for YOU (worth $197)

I will set up a customized blog for you to jumpstart your business immediately and grow your empire to extraordinary heights.

BONUS #7: Mike Dillard’s “Secret Domains” ebook (worth $19.95)


With this ebook, you will learn how to leverage your domain names to boost your professionalism. In Mike’s words:

“Well it’s simple… It’s all about professionalism. If you don’t even know how to register a simple domain name, how can you possibly expect other people follow you to “financial freedom?”



BONUS #8: My “Free Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without” ebook (worth $19.95)

You’ll find a list of internet marketing tools that can be used to take your business forward, and I personally use every tool weekly. These are tried and tested tools that successful internet marketers use!

But What If I Am Not The First Ten?

Well, then what are you still waiting for? Put your finger to work right now and click on this link here to join as a License Rights Partner. Since you have arrived on my page, I wouldn’t want you to leave empty handed. Here’s what you can get too:

  • Free 30 min Facebook/Skype Message With Serene Chen (worth $97) (even if you didn’t download the I.M Revolution Handbook here)
  • Blog set up for YOU (worth $197)

How do I claim My bonuses after I buy?

Just email me your receipt to serene.chen@rocketmail.com and I will get in touch with you!

My friend, seriously, if you’re not taking action yet, after reading up to this point, then you force me to show you this big Yellow Button below, and ask you to go ahead and CLICK ON IT! Do yourself a favour. I’ll be looking forward to working with you :)



P.S. These Bonuses will only be available until 31st January 2013. It’s only limited to the first ten people or before 31st January 2013, whichever is earlier, so hurry!

Cold hard cash– the cash equivalent of the iPad mini will be sent via Paypal in areas without online Apple store. The cash amount will be 10% below the original price. All prices are in USD.

You will receive all the bonuses other than the e-books and facebook/skype calls or messages after the 90-days refund period ;D

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