What Is My Online Business Empire License Rights Program?

Raise your hands if you have heard of Empower Network.

Now I want you to forget everything about Empower Network just for 5 minutes because there is something far better which I’ve found.

I have been sitting on the fence for quite some time, thinking about whether to join Empower Network or not before I found this very neat program that I feel will pawn Empower Network. And you’ll be glad that now YOU know about this program too.

The My Online Business Empire” license rights program is something many would be entrepreneurs may wish to look a lot closer at. This may be a good starting point for those hoping to become independently wealthy.

Let me breakdown to you what this program is and how it works.

> > Affiliate Marketing is Dead…

Have you ever tried doing affiliate marketing? And how would you rate your success with that? Can I say that it’s NOT that great? Or have you bought some programs from internet marketing gurus who claim that by following their dummy proof programs, you can earn passive income quickly and easily? Well, I have… Sadly.

The thing is, affiliate marketing is a thing of the past! Advertising online isn’t as cheap as it used to be and the cost per click are now worth dollars. How much money do you have to pay to advertise before you can make back the money? Simply put, it is NOT profitable any more.

 The good thing is,Matt Lloyd has devised the My Online Business Empire License Rights Program and it offers a viable alternative to affiliate marketing.

With Matt Lloyd’s My Online Business Empire License Rights Program, you don’t have to:

  •       Find/create high converting products (most of the time, they aren’t high converting)
  •      Create a sales funnel
  •      Set up autoresponders
  •      Set up merchant accounts and link them to your autoresponders (Yucks!)
  •      Create a website
  •      Be tied down to building lists
  •      Follow up with leads to close sales
  •      Etc, etc, etc

Really, how long will you take to master all these?! The license rights program is just a much easier system to work with, even if YOU are a newbie. Period.

>> So, what do you have to do?

With this program, you will become a fully licensed partner of an actual proven business model that does over $350,000 per month in sales (and increasing). For the first time, you will actually be able to have some success in internet marketing and be a step closer to the lifestyle that you so desire! You might find yourself on track towards earning an amazing rate of income that would be far greater than any of the commissions available through traditional affiliate marketing ventures.

>> What do I mean by “license rights program”?

First, let me explain how the traditional licensing works. Under traditional licensing methods, you as the licensee pay a fee to sell a product or to copy a business model, use their products, materials, and even sales funnels as part of the licensing agreement. For example, McDonald’s and Subway® are two very good examples.

Based on the same concept, you can acquire a license to sell the products offered by the business. Not only will you get to keep virtually all the money from the sale, you will also be able to earn recurring income. And the best part is, you only have to put in the effort once to earn continuous income from that one sale!

>> Licensing the Matt Lloyd Library…

If you have been an affiliate partner for a Clickbank product before for example, you’ll realize that what you are actually selling is a mere eBook or video. However, when you become a partner with Matt Lloyd, you will be able to sell something much more valuable and lucrative.

By acquiring the license to do so, you will get to sell his many successful internet marketing programs such as My Email Marketing Empire, How to Build a Funded Proposal, Affiliate Bonus Domination, and the 10,000 Leads in 100 Days. Matt Lloyd does not just stop at these. There are currently 27 products in Matt Lloyd’s library and the number is increasing. This means, you will have the potential to introduce new products to the market for sale instead of relying on stale products which everyone has seen before.

These are excellent internet marketing products which sell themselves very well as they are promoted to potential customers through a super high converting sales funnel. With each sale, you will be able to earn 90% in commissions. I hope you more awake now? Have you realized that with traditional affiliate marketing products, you can only earn on average 30 – 50% per sale?

And the fun does not stop here! With the My Online Business Empire License Rights Program, you will have a full time sales team to help you follow up with your leads and close the sales on your behalf!

>> An Easier Way of Doing Things

Among the best benefits to this approach to marketing, you will not have to worry about any of the following which will be handled by a team for you:

  • Email follow up – There will be a team to follow up and continue to email your leads
  • Webinars – Webinars will be set up for you to ensure that your leads follow through the sales funnel
  • Customer support – There will be a team to take care of customer support tickets for you
  • Merchant accounts / shopping carts / payment gateways – The team will set up and integrate all these systems for you so that you don’t have to figure how. And the costs of maintaining these systems will be absorbed.

This is a very novel concept and Matt Lloyd has shown he has been successful in the past. Those interested in trying out an alternative to affiliate marketing might consider this venture to be worth the investment.

You can find more information on Matt Lloyd’s My Online Business Empire License Rights Program Here.

If you think that Matt Lloyd’s My Online Business Empire may be something you would be interested in then hit the ‘Contact’ button on the top or skype me at “serene-chen” and let’s connect.

I will out all my strategies bare and show you how all this can be done once you join.

P.S. Limited Time Bonus – If you join through my link here —-> My Online Business Empire Bonus. I am offering 3 x 30 mins personal coaching session to guide you step-by-step how to you can market your products and start generating an income asap on a shoestring budget.

To Your Internet Marketing Success,



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Hi guys! Welcome to my site =) I am a self-confessed internet marketing enthusiast. Check me out in my story above. If you have any burning questions about internet marketing, do drop me a note using my contact form above. Do keep in touch with me through fb, twitter or google+ ! Or subscribe to my mailing list for IM updates and freebies!

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