Matt Lloyd’s “My Online Business Empire” Review Part 2

Ever since I wrote the first article on Matt Lloyd’s MOBE program, I have got tons of questions on What is MOBE?, and How does it work for me?

To make things easy for you,Matt Lloyd gave an 80 minute talk at Unstoppable Entrepreneur about MOBE and the License Rights program that answers those questions for you. Feel free to enjoy the video here, you don’t have to opt in to watch. The comments in the video are worth reading as well.

Matt Lloyd Presenting

One of the best comments I saw was written by Deborah Robertson, a MOBE license rights member, and it really got my attention.

Deborah FB comments_Dec 2012

Well, Deborah is my friend and like many people (including me), she has bought a ton of different “systems” and got no returns at all! I have been there and done that as well; you might probably have too. But the sad truth is there aren’t many online marketers who get it right the first time.

With the MOBE License Rights program, things finally took a U-turn for her. She recently scored her first $1,000 commission and even came in 11th place in the December 2012 affiliate contest hosted by Matt Lloyd. Mind you, she only joined the MOBE License Rights program in 2012! And this is the awesome thing about MOBE. It is designed to work for everyone, whether you have experience in online marketing or not. It shows that you don’t have to be a guru to make money with this program. This is why so many people have joined and become Licensees over the last few months because as a partner, you only have to do one thing: get leads.

You don’t have to:

–      Create multiple products to sell
–      Build your own website and do all the techie stuff (Oh please, what is HTML?)
–      Do list building, think of fresh email contents daily to send to your leads and email fresh content daily.
–      Recruit new “down line” to expand your network
–      Do customer service and cold call to close sales

Once you have realized how much time, energy and stress you can save just by licensing the MOBE License Rights program, you can spend your time living, instead of “making a living”. And not that you are answerable to anybody, but wouldn’t it feel great that now you are able to wave a few commission checks under the noses of people who have always been putting you down with questions like “What are you selling online again?”, “When are you going to make a sale?”, “When are you going to find a proper job?”….

You want a turnkey system that works for you, and MOBE does that. MOBE provides the multiple high quality products and the high converting sales funnel for you. Moreover, you get paid 90% commission on your sales of their products – on the back end and front end. There will dozens of products you can sell (currently there are close to 30 products!), that cost from zero to $15,000. And what I really like about Matt Lloyd’s MOBE License Rights program is that you earn commissions from ALL your sales. I know that some network marketing programs out there pays you 100% commissions. But you do not earn from every sale and there are monthly fees that you have to pay to stay on the program. You do your math and tell me which one is more profitable for you.

If you’re ready to finally get some results, all you have to do is commit to doing what Deborah did:

Become a MOBE licensee
Claim your MOBE bonus for signing up through my link (there will be 3 x 30 mins strategy calls to get you off to a good start)
–Drive traffic to your MOBE links

>> Partner with MOBE to Grow your Brand

For those of you who are ready to start building your list, and branding yourself, Matt’s team is standing by ready to help you brand yourself and begin growing a list of your own. In Matt’s team, everyone wants you to succeed. Because if you succeed, MOBE licensees have a better reputation to boot, and so will you. If you are making money, then MOBE is making money too. Matt’s team has spent a small fortune and had their programmers built a new funneling system that MOBE licensees can promote.  Using popular auto-responder programs like GetResponse, you will get to put your name and photo on the sales materials, right next to Matt’s. Is that cool or not? So even if you are currently nothing in the internet marketing world, doing so will give you a great reputation boost!  Here’s how mine looks like:


Pretty impressive, isn’t it? See how my name and photo is alongside Matt’s? So every time I generate a lead, I’ll also be building my own list, along with my own brand. The MOBE License Rights Program converts more traffic to money than any other system I have tried online today, whether you are an experienced internet marketer, average or a “newbie”.

If you are currently working a program that gives you fabulous results as well, then I’d like to know more about it–but I doubt you are. I have done a lot of looking around, and tried more than a few programs and systems myself–none have worked the way MOBE does.

Matt’s personal goal is to increase company sales from 2 million to 20 million dollars over the next 12 months, and partners like me (and possibly you) will be getting a huge slice of that pie. When you leave your phone number below the video, one of Matt’s staff members will call you back to answer your questions. Don’t panic, they aren’t going to hard sell you (they don’t need to). I was one of those that received their call too so I know how it’s like. They’ll answer all your questions and help you decide, based on your goals and circumstances, whether the program is for you. If you’ve already decided you’re ready for something that works, you can skip to the bottom of the page and join the MOBE License Rights program right now.

>> The Bottom Line

If you are interested in making 90% commission on over a dozen top quality products, with prices up to $15,000 dollars and as little as FREE, then MOBE is your turnkey solution for making money online. You don’t need to do product creation, product launch or techie stuff like dealing with html codes etc to succeed with MOBE. There is also no content and website maintenance, customer service or sales funnel to worry about either. Everything will be handled to you on a silver platter. All you need to do is follow Matt Lloyd’s steps to generate leads, and MOBE does the rest. You’ll get paid commission on the back end sales and the front end sales.

Enroll In The MOBE Licensee Program | More Info About MOBE

You Partner In Success,


 Check out Part  1 of my review here –>

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Hi guys! Welcome to my site =) I am a self-confessed internet marketing enthusiast. Check me out in my story above. If you have any burning questions about internet marketing, do drop me a note using my contact form above. Do keep in touch with me through fb, twitter or google+ ! Or subscribe to my mailing list for IM updates and freebies!

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