6 Great Ways To Supercharge Your YouTube Marketing

YouTube is nothing less than an online video phenomenon and if you aren’t already using it as a tool to promote yourself or your online content, you should really give it some thought. YouTube, as their slogan goes “broadcast yourself”, is a unique and popular website to share photos and videos. Registered users can post the videos and everyone can watch those on the net. It is a fast and easy way to share what you like and care about and to put out your message to the world. Since this website is fast growing in terms of daily clicks, it throws open a large network of Internet users (read consumers). YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, although they did not originally develop it. They claim to be the world’s largest online video community, rightly so, and that in itself is a huge take to refine your current marketing message with YouTube. So how can we refine your current marketing message with YouTube? Here are a few pointers you can use to your marketing and advertising advantage.

Tip #1 – Register with YouTube

In order to be able to make full use of the services and tools offered by YouTube, you will need to register on the site first. Registration is quick and easy and besides you can log in with your Google ID, if you already have one. After filling in the primary details, you will be able to post your content for others to view.

Tip #2 – Create and Customize Your Own Channel

The first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already, is to create your own YouTube Channel. This is far from being a complicated procedure, as your channel is automatically generated for you when you sign up for a new YouTube account. This is your first step towards becoming a video creator, NewsMaster or opinion maker, rather than just another site visitor. Once you have signed up and started uploading, recording or aggregating video content, you can take advantage of some of the recently launched channel customization options. You can find these in your channel settings once you are logged in. In addition to being able to extensively edit the contents and design of your profile – selecting from a range of options the features you want to make use of – you can also select from your video selection nine highlighted videos that will be prominently displayed on your channel profile. If you have managed to gather quite a collection, this is a great way of being able to promote some of your favorite, or your audiences’ favorite, videos.

Youtube channel

How Your YouTube Channel Will Look Like

Tip #3 – Create, Tag and Categorize Your Contents

In the vast majority of cases, your best chance of creating a highly-viewed video is to make sure that your running time is around the five minute mark or less. If you have a particularly exciting longer piece, it can very often be broken up into segments, and can always be combined together later in a playlist. This gives your viewers the chance to skip to relevant parts of the content if they choose to, rather than forcing them to sit through ten minutes of video before they get to the part that they are interested in. Once you have created your video – or imported it from elsewhere – one important step to consider is choosing the right category and tags for your video. This is the stage that is most often rushed or overlooked, but if you take the time to check out the other popular videos in your niche, and see how they have been tagged and placed within the YouTube categories, it will finally pay off. Categories aren’t always as straightforward as they seem, and it could be that your content doesn’t fit snugly into any one of the options available. The key here is to run a search on similar content by keyword, and then make a note of how that content has been tagged and categorized. When it comes to tagging, don’t be shy about adding as many keywords as you can, and again, see if you can match them to other existing content. You may well then find your video being recommended in the ‘related’ videos sidebar next to other users videos, thus driving traffic to your own content and profile.

Tip #4 – Leave Video Responses

Another effective way of getting yourself seen is to leave a video response to another user’s clip. These video responses can be created right from underneath the main video player, and can be chosen from your previously uploaded videos, uploaded there and then, or even captured directly from your webcam. Keep these things in mind when leaving video responses:

  1. Keep it relevant
  2. Keep it civil
  3. Choose your target video well
  4. Strike at the right time

Tip #5 – Join or Create YouTube Groups

YouTube has a strong community of groups that exist for users to discuss and share videos. You can browse for groups to join by category, or create your own group from the YouTube Groups page. There are advantages to both approaches. Taking part in a group won’t necessarily take up a great deal of your time, but it will provide you with a very nicely segmented, targeted audience for your content. You can then add your videos, describe and discuss them and interact with other like-minded users. All the while you will be building your network of YouTube contacts, and potentially winning new subscribers to your channel. The major advantage of joining a pre-existing group is the fact that it will already have at least a small group of active users from the word go, while creating your own group may involve waiting for new members to join before you have any opportunity to promote your work. If you have a little bit more time to spare, you can also create your own group. With some time and a little promotion via other YouTube community features, building a group around your own niche-interest, or even your website or business, is another great way to boost your YouTube presence and potentially win new site visitors. You can also choose whether content will be posted directly to the group, or whether it will first require your approval. Obviously, if self promotion is your goal, it makes sense to make your group public rather than invitation only, which is another option available to you.

Tip #6 – Advertise with YouTube

Various tools are available on the website for you to be able to build your advertising campaign. The self-service ads section gives the option to post an ad even if you do not have your own video. YouTube will help you with the video content and your ad will be online in no time. In case if you have a video ready then, all you need to do is, use the YouTube promoted videos to drive traffic to your video assets. YouTube advises to create your own video advertising program, or get help from their experts to design the video, in a way that would engage the audiences. This would maximize the results for your business.  The major factors are to reach, engage and converse with the audience, to refine your marketing message with YouTube. Here’s how:

  1. Advertisement placement: This help tool will allow you to determine the placement of your video on the home, search, watch or upload pages and the position on that page as well. The Ad Showcase tool will let you format and give a preview of your advertisement before you post it on the Internet.
  2. Targeting: Target your audience by these 4 ways

– Demographic – To reach audiences in specific geographic regions – Interest Based – This helps in targeting people based on what they watch and do on YouTube – Buzz – In this type, your advertisement will follow the hottest, most viewed content on YouTube – Content – Since YouTube is a very popular search engine for videos; the visibility of your advertisement is very high        3. Tracking: YouTube provide an interesting and useful tool in the Insight. This tracks the online viewer ship trends for your advertisement. The information provided by insight, helps the advertisers to better understand their audience and cater to their needs accordingly. Apart from all the tools mentioned above, you can also collaborate with YouTube; use their expertise and tools, to launch a successful marketing program. There you go! 6 great steps for your to broadcast yourself, and promote yourself in for the bargain. Happy YouTubing!   P.S. Tried YouTube but you did not get the results you want? It’s not your fault. Let this video show you how you can get 100 leads every day consistently! It’s about an hour long. So sit tight!


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Hi guys! Welcome to my site =) I am a self-confessed internet marketing enthusiast. Check me out in my story above. If you have any burning questions about internet marketing, do drop me a note using my contact form above. Do keep in touch with me through fb, twitter or google+ ! Or subscribe to my mailing list for IM updates and freebies!

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