Welcome to my site, Serene-Chen.com! This website was started in 2012 when I first forayed into internet marketing.

Then, I had already worked for 5 years and was getting disillusioned about the corporate world (seems very early in my career *opps!). While I had dreamt about putting on the corporate suit and was super enthusiastic about stepping into the corporate world, being an employee quickly drained me. Part of the reason was that I didn’t enjoy what I was doing anymore. Going to work started to feel like a chore.

I was not able to imagine myself working for another 40 years before reaching the statutory retirement age and find that too much time is spent in the office chasing the ideals of other people. I wanted to find a way to either retire early or to work from home.

So, I left my job as a consultant and took a six months break. I had plenty of time on hand and decided to take up an investing course to properly educate myself on how to invest. I graduated with an Accounting degree but sad to say, other than being better than the average man at understanding financial statements, I know nothing about investing. Since taking the course, I met some people and was introduced to the world of internet marketing.  The whole idea of making our money work harder and earning even while I sleep wowed me over. It opened my eyes to a whole new world!

Since then, I signed up for course after course on internet marketing thinking that I need all the knowledge there is before I can succeed online. I also signed myself up as an affiliate to start promoting other people’s products. But my stamina was quickly used up and so was my cash. I was not working and yet, there I was, pumping money into courses, buying products, and advertising. I began to feel insecure with my dwindling bank account and started looking for a job again. I was also getting dejected that my internet marketing efforts are not yielding me any fruits.

And so, just after six months, I rejoined the corporate world and slowly left my internet marketing to “die”, along with this site. I also procrastinated for 2 plus years about putting my investing knowledge to use (I don’t dare to say good use).

In just six months, I had spent 5 digits attending courses and paying for all sorts of products and services and yet, instead of earning from it, I become poorer.

But today, on the 12th of January 2016, I have decided to “restart” my website and document my journey as I work towards a 15 hour work week, then a 4 hour work week, and finally financial freedom. This website will document how I do it, my thoughts about working towards financial freedom and most importantly, make myself accountable with what I am doing with so many pairs of eyes reading this *hopefully*.

I hope that you will also be able to be motivated by what I am doing (if you have been procrastinating like me for days/months/years) and make it easier for you to gain another source of passive income, set up multiple streams of income and gain financial freedom.